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Risk Management Tools

At Crum & Forster, we understand the value of data. We've created an intuitive space that makes managing your data an empowering experience through a combination of visualization and interactive reporting, so you can make more informed business decisions and take action where needed.

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Claim Reporting

Report a claim anytime, 24/7, with our claim reporting tool. Using real-time integration technology, you will get a claim number on the fly, as well as a history of all your reported claims. We focused on a solution that works for our customers, so you can rest easy knowing that your claim is being handled with impeccable efficiency.

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Loss Runs & Claim Reports

Loss runs and reports are available to run on-demand or can be scheduled to run at time intervals you select. Scheduled reports can be delivered by e-mail, stored within the "My Scheduled Reports" tab or both. Users can run reports from a basic detail report to more comprehensive loss data filtered by various criteria. Reports can be produced in PDF format or in Excel.

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